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samsung bixbyWhat is Bixby? Bixby - is a new intelligent assistant developed by Samsung on March 2017.
Bixby is among the top three virtual assistants for smartphones.

Today, voice functions of the unique assistant called Bixby wich are pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+/A/A+/Note8 smartphones are available not only in Asia, Europe, Africa, but also in the CIS. According to the developers, the Bixby system brings user interaction with mobile gadgets to an utterly new level. In fact, it will replace touch control completely. The assistant can select any menu item upon a user’s request and open the desired image in the Gallery. These are not all the functions that Bixby performs. The peculiarities of work with this assistant will be described later in details.

Simplicity to use Bixby

A separate button is used to call the voice assistant. It can be said with confidence that this feature makes the option more accessible. After tapping the button, the main screen of the voice program opens, where various tips and other useful information will be displayed. For example, there will be notifications about the actions of subscribers, friends from social networks, world news, etc. The arrangement of these blocks on the screen will change constantly. Their arrangement depends on the fact what kind of information is the most important one at the moment. However, it is likely that manufacturers will decide not to use this button in future models.

The assistant will be activated after a voice command or a special gesture. When the manufacturer realizes that his application works perfectly without any failure, he will provide an opportunity to use it on other Samsung smartphones. Soon, in the future, it is planned to supply the assistant with a firmware upgrade. Even though that the Bixby assistant is to be improved in the future, today the assistant can boast about some positive features:

Full functionality

The application through the touch interface helps to perform voice control of the numerous functions available for the traditional mode of operation.

Understanding everything that happens

Any user can call Bixby while any application is running. In this case, the assistant will “understand” how the application is used in a particular case. It could be possible to continue necessary actions immediately after the activation of Bixby.

Recognition of incomplete commands

The assistant copes with the implementation of incomplete commands perfectly. Bixby performs the voiced tasks first and only then redetermines necessary information. Thus, users do not have to keep in mind the exact pronunciation of requests constantly. It significantly simplifies device control.

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Samsung Bixby Functionality

Users can estimate the following features provided with Bixby:


Voice assistant Bixby features the basic extended function

The function deals with reminders of any upcoming events. If necessary, the assistant can be given an instruction to remind about something at particular time. In this case the command can be pronounced with usual conversational speech.

Understanding the language

Many voice assistants are limited in vocabulary

Many voice assistants require pronunciation of a special phrase so that they can understand you. As for Bixby, this program understands speech. In some rare cases, the assistant can ask the interlocutor again.

Object recognition

This function is borrowed from other modern services

Bixby assistant is able to recognize not only things in photos that can be bought in the store (by barcodes). Bixby voice assistant is able to recognize any object that can become interesting to the client. Assistant tries to find information about a particular object immediately. Even if the data is submitted in a foreign language, the program performs immediate translation.

Exact calorie calculation

The assistant will also help to perform exact calorie calculation

It is important for many people that the caloric content of the meals does not exceed the norm. To calculate the optimum amount of consumed calories, it is sufficient to use a camera to scan the meals. The user can add certain products to the permanent list. Now this feature is available on such smartphones as: Galaxy S9/S9+.

Prospects for using Bixby assistant

Developers of Galaxy S8 announced at the presentation that Bixby would be a useful addition not only for smartphones, but also for various household devices. The smart assistant will be integrated into devices based on Tizen operating system.

Some Samsung refrigerators from the latest lineup will be supplemented by Bixby assistant as well. Therefore, when the user is in the supermarket, the program will tell him which products are missing. It is planned to implement in several years.

Having become acquainted with the peculiarities of Bixby operation and functionality, it can be concluded that the assistant is intended not only for obtaining valuable information. This is a worthy alternative to the touch interface of popular applications. You can run the assistant any time clicking the button.

System requirements

  • Available on smartphones Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+/A/A+/Note8 and Samsung with Android OS 8.0 and higher
  • Enable GPS for services that require location information.

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