The Bixby button is a new hardware feature that has been introduced to the Samsung s8 and s9 series. Located at the left side of the phone and below the volume button, the Bixby button can come in quite handy when you want to access the Bixby assistant. It performs two major functions; it can be used to access the Bixby home from any app or screen just with a single click and it can also be used to access Bixby voice option by long pressing the Bixby button. Although the button is beautifully designed and easy to control, most Samsung users prefer not to use the button. This is because of its proximity to the volume button which leads to unwanted pressing of the Bixby button. Not only that, but also owing to its limitation to the Bixby app and inability to remap the button.

How to disable Bixby button

Due to the need of most Samsung users to get rid of the Bixby button which is rather impossible to do, an option has been provided by Samsung to disable the button. It’s either you use it or you don’t and there’s no two ways to go about it. If you love using the Bixby button and enjoy its features then there’s no need to disable it. But if you aren’t a fan you can follow these simple steps to make you Bixby free.

  • Press the Bixby button located on the left side of the phone, below the volume
  • Tap the three cogs in the top menu bar
  • Tap the settings button
  • Click the toggle bar

After these few steps, the Bixby button is being disabled and you can press it without having to worry about opening the Bixby home.

How to remap Bixby button

Shortly after the introduction of the Bixby button and the need of the users to remap it, various software companies developed apps that could successfully remap the Bixby button. One of such apps is the BxAction app.

Unfortunately, Samsung wants the Bixby button to do one thing which is access the Bixby assistant features. This led the company to block off all third-party app that tried to remap the button. Sadly, remapping the Samsung Bixby button is currently impossible. The only option available is disabling the Bixby button and its features. Hopefully, Samsung will pay attention to the customer’s plight and create an option for remapping the Bixby button. For now, there are just three options; use it, disable it or do nothing.