The new Samsung S8 was launched alongside the Bixby AI virtual assistant. Now, you can speak to your phone and watch it perform functions in a matter of seconds just like you see in the popular Iron man movies with Tony Stark. It’s a really cool feature but comes with a price. The Bixby button is located below the volume button which leads to accidental clicking of the Bixby button when operating the volume button.

To avoid this mess, it is advisable you uninstall the Bixby features on your s8. How can you uninstall Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S8?

There are three major stages, each having a few steps you must follow. At the end of the last stage, you would have completely uninstalled the Bixby on your Samsung S8 device.

How to disable Bixby button

  • Press the Bixby button located on the left side of the phone, below the volume
  • Tap the three cogs in the top menu bar
  • Tap the settings button
  • Click the toggle bar

After these few steps, the Bixby button is being disabled and you can press it without having to worry about opening the Bixby home.

How to disable Bixby voice

  • Click the Bixby button, it takes you to the Bixby home. An alternative would be to swipe right on the Samsung home button till you get to the Bixby home
  • Tap the three cogs in the top menu bar
  • Tap the settings button
  • Tap the toggle bar to disable Bixby voice

How to disable Bixby home

This will permanently disable Samsung’s Bixby and its functions

  • Press and hold any empty space on the home screen until the menu appears
  • Swipe right till you reach the left home panel
  • Now, disable the Bixby home

You are done!!! Enjoy your Samsung S8 without any further Bixby issues.