Samsung Bixby was launched with the S8 series but has also been included to the features of the Samsung galaxy S9 series and there it offers pretty much the same features in the S8 version.

How can I uninstall Bixby on the Samsung galaxy s9 series?

Uninstalling Bixby on the Samsung galaxy S9 follows the same procedure as when trying to perform the same function on the S8 series. Follow the instructions below, and you will be able to permanently uninstall the Bixby on your Samsung galaxy S9 device.

How to disable Bixby button

  • Press the Bixby button located on the left side of the phone, below the volume
  • Tap the three cogs in the top menu bar
  • Tap the settings button
  • Click the toggle bar

After these few steps, the Bixby button is being disabled and you can press it without having to worry about opening the Bixby home.

How to disable Bixby voice

  • Click the Bixby button, it takes you to the Bixby home. An alternative would be to swipe right on the Samsung home button till you get to the Bixby home
  • Tap the three cogs in the top menu bar
  • Tap the settings button
  • Tap the toggle bar to disable Bixby voice

How to disable Bixby home

This will permanently disable Samsung’s Bixby and its functions

  • Press and hold any empty space on the home screen until the menu appears
  • Swipe right till you reach the left home panel
  • Now, disable the Bixby home

Note that the instructions above will work fine for all Samsung galaxy S9 devices except the galaxy s9 note which is built differently. Samsung has made removal of the Bixby feature extremely difficult on the note 9 and might lead to some malfunctioning if forced. The best solution is to change the Bixby button setting. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Press the Bixby button below the volume button on the left side of your device
  • Now, tap the three-dot button on the top right corner of the menu
  • Click on the settings
  • Tap the Bixby key
  • Now change that setting to press twice to open Bixby.

You’re done! Now you can operate the volume button without the fear of activating Bixby on your first touch.